Quentyn Quinn, Space Ranger — 9 Comments

  1. Oh! The Fae? I seem to recall an angry Fae Princeling who swore vengeance to the stars and beyond… I am hoping we run into him… Oh pleaaaase…

  2. Six somewhere/someones are about to have a very, very bad day. When they turn six Rangers loose, the gloves got ripped off, slapped in the Empiyah’s face, and tossed to the ground.

  3. Prediction: The Emprah is a Cue Level being who tried to reform the hyoomans into something more stable and failed spectacularly. Also, since you have a tradition of parodying/deconstructing science fiction sacred cows, are you going to parody the Cthulhu mythos anytime soon? I like the races(for me, the entire setting could be renamed “Facts tangentially related to the Shoggoth”) but the message of “Waaaahhhh, waaaahhhh. Don’ do religion ‘cus it makes you evil and rots your brain but don’ do science etheir ‘cuz it destroys your sanity or somtin like dat! Waaaaaahhhhhh!” is an utter atrocity to behold.

  4. I would love to see you hose the Albedo/Birthright universe. While the stories and art are nice, the society is down right totalitarian masquerading as libertarian. They deserve the problems they have with the Independent Lapine Republic (who are in no way a republic)

  5. Although I suppose this is just a nit-pick, I would like to note that you technically got the positioning of the engines on the Enterprise expy wrong. The engines were never in the nacelles, in the Constitution-class, they were in the saucer section, and in the Galaxy and Sovereign-classes, they were in the “gooseneck”, as you refer to it, as well as in the saucer section.

    • To clarify what the nacelles were, they held the warp field induction coils. In other words, while a Constitution-class missing a nacelle might still be combat effective, they can’t go FTL.

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