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It’s… down to the wire, folks. the bank accounts are currently empty, and it’s less than five days till my internet and electric bills are due. There is a Patreon payout on the way– but it’s a race to see whether the money or the disconnect will arrive first, and the patreon is currently not even enough to cover the electric bill. Please, please, please, if you ever thought about doing it, now would be the time to drop a dollar in the till, or order that commission, book or DVD.

I hate this. I hate this with all my heart. I never wanted to be an internet beggar, panhandling for money and pity, I wanted to make my way with my art and with my talents. But everything has been one step forward, two steps back for far too long, and it slips further each day. I’ve been pushing myself hard these past few days, trying to catch up and make up, but I’m miles behind the pack and losing ground. If something extraordinary doesn’t happen, I’m going down for the third time. Please, help.