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Don’t Stop til the Artist Drops

A man’s gotta make a living. I’ve got debts that are growing by the day, and I’ve got no money. To remedy this, I’m running a special Black and White Commission sale from now until– well, until I get all the back bills paid off.



tobiasbraunchakat - Copy





That’s a half-price black and white digital character drawing, ten dollars flat, your choice of subject (pending artist approval.* Minimal background, one character, or two at most.) I will be offering these commissions until I make my goal, and will be working on nothing BUT these commissions (and those already in the till— don’t panic, folks) until they are all done. I’ll be leaving this blog post up for convenience’s sake until that time as well.

just FYI, the completed images will also be posted here on the website, in the Artist’s Gallery. Just click on “Gallery” up above, and pick “Artist’s Gallery” out of the dropdown menu.

For now…. Nose, meet grindstone.

*I will do cheesecake if asked. But if I say “no way” on a subject or theme, you’ll get a refund and apology, but no pic.


My computer faw down go boom, and it will be a few days before the replacement RAM chips arrive in the little brown truck. Once I put the chips in and everything works again (I hope), everything will resume. Till then I’ll still take commission orders and be running the above sale, so don’t let that make you hesitate to place an order.