Yep, this crap again

Ashleigh Ball burns her pinch of incense to the Emperor and posts a lesbian shipping picture of Rainbow Dash and Applejack. Homosexuals everywhere rejoice as another cultural icon is torn down and whored out for their aggrandizement. I’m sure Hasbro deeply appreciates her lezzing out two of their characters so she can score suckup points with GLAAD.

Ashleigh Ball is who? The voice actor. She’s not the characters. She’s not the writer, creator, director, or producer, she’s just the hired help that reads the lines. So sorry to disappoint you, kids, she doesn’t get to say who Rainbow Dash or Applejack want to sex up. I hope to God someone in Hasbro has the brains and common sense to rake her over the coals for pulling a stunt like that.

Remember, kids, there’s more than one way to be a girl– unless you’re a tomboy, or someone wants to score points with militant homosexuals, in which case you’re just obviously a lesbian. No no, don’t deny it… any contrary notions just mean you haven’t explored your feelings enough yet. Preferably while another girl explores your genitalia. If you feel offended or violated or, God help you, if you protest, then you’re a dirty filthy homophobe.

Remember, you and the rest of society exist just to prop up the tissue-paper self-esteem of two percent of the population obsessed with screwing their own gender!

The mane six are het. Why? Because that’s the default setting. It’s normal, it’s healthy, and stamp your widdle feet all you like, it’s how its supposed to be. You don’t even need a passing grade in Biology 101 to figure that out. The “Cis-gendered” are not the deviation, GLBT crowd, YOU are, and deep down you know that. You are already obscenely over-represented. You want “tolerance?” You got tolerance already. You’re demanding UNIVERSAL VALIDATION, which no matter how many pop-culture figures you turn into lesbians or trannies, you’re not going to get. Hitch up your big girl panties and COPE. If you can’t deal with being a rare abnormality without surrounding yourself with pretend lesbian characters, then maybe you’ve chosen the wrong “lifestyle” for you.

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Yep, this crap again — 18 Comments

  1. I wouldn’t get up in arms over it. Sounds like she was just posting it cuz it was relevant.

    I ain’t gonna argue with ya on the gay issue, but I couldn’t help but wonder why it should be assumed that any fictional character is the ‘default’ (in any aspect). I always thought of it as a Schrodinger’s Cat/Wildcard kinda deal: you need a character to be a certain way, so as long as canon doesn’t say ‘no,’ any trait you wanna add is fair game. In my fanfictions (both written and planned) I end up giving Featherweight a different personality every time.

  2. She posted it because she was pandering to perverts.

    And beyond the fact that homosexuality is a PERversion, not an ALTERNATE version, of sexuality, the reason for assuming the default of any situation is SELF DEFINING.

    • True, it’s right that if you’re going to assume anything, it should be the default, but is assuming something at all wise if it can be avoided? I’m thinking from more of a standpoint as to what’s fair to use in fanart.

      (Again, I don’t mean to argue with ya on sexuality. Besides, I’m Christian, I know the score. Incidentally, I thought the percentage of gays was 10%, I looked it up to make sure I was right before correcting you, and it’s actually about 4, depending on the state. Point to you there ;P )

    • Hmmm. Actually, another common concurrent with homosexual or otherwise non-hetero relationships happens to be gender imbalance within a population. I don’t know if it’s been determined whether the gender imbalance of the characters in the show is A) a canon phenomenon or B) because we’re still trying to aim this thing at little girls, who will probably identify more clearly with female characters, but if it’s the former, heterosexual relationships, while prized, would not be an exclusive phenomenon.
      It’s also worth note that some human societies solve the “gender gap” problem by assigning heterosexual relationships the sole role of reproduction, and expect to fulfill their emotional and sexual needs instead through extraneous homosexual relationships. This might also apply, since we have yet to see much evidence of intergender friendship in MLP.

  3. Ralph, I happen to fall under the LGBTQQIAAP umbrella. Is there anything I could mention on this topic which would have any chance of altering any of your opinions? Do you think there is anything you could mention which would have any chance of altering any of mine?

    • We are all subject to desires, passions and urges which would be morally unacceptable to indulge. If a behavior or practice is demonstrably physically, morally, ethically or emotionally harmful then we are obligated to control those urges, not use them as an excuse for our sin.

      Sexual activity outside of heterosexual marriage is proven to be emotionally and physically destructive on countless fronts.I would need to make another entire post just make a bullet-point list of them all–

      particularly of homosexual activity. Even the testimony of the very function of our bodies is against homosexual behavior. And pleading that it “feels” good or right or natural is no argument. Heroin feels good, right and natural as it slides down the needle and into a vein.

      The wisdom of our forefathers is not to be cast aside lightly either. Throughout the majority of history, philosophy culture and religion, Those civilizations that embraced sexual temperance survived; those that embraced hedonism and homosexuality now rot in their graves. This is no accident.

      And no, you are not born that way. And yes, you can change. The Royal College of Psychiatrists confirmed this in their recent statement, based on two years-long studies: sexual orientation is the product of a mix of biological and postnatal environmental conditions, and can and does change throughout the course of life, sometimes multiple times.,d.aWw&cad=rjt

      TL;DR: It’s not natural, it’s not good, and regardless of your feelings, your BEHAVIOR is a product of CHOICE. It’s up to you whether you change or not.

      • Ralph, while I appreciate the time and effort that went into that post, it looks to me as if you were only responding to the first part of my comment, and ignored the rest of it. I feel that the second part of my comment, the questions, were the more important part, so I’ll try asking again:

        Can you envision anything that could change your mind on this topic?

      • On a somewhat related note, I’m curious about your opinion on a somewhat related matter. I’m in the middle of writing a story, in which a significant early plot point involves a major character having a brain transplant into a body of the opposite sex. Who, if anyone, would it be permissible for this individual to have a romantic relationship with, by your standards?

          • Sex-change operations exist today. Organ transplant operations exist today. Neurosurgery exists today. If a clear-cut moral code can only apply to technologies that exist in the present-day, but not to minor extrapolations of existing technologies, then I posit that said code is not nearly as “clear-cut” as it is presented as. I’m not asking about real science-fictional hypotheticals like transporter clones or presently-unknown energy fields; just about an operation that, while requiring a few technical solutions we currently don’t have, doesn’t seem to be physically impossible, and could potentially become reality within a small number of decades.

            That said – I’m still in the process of writing the story. (It’s turning into a longer one than I’d originally planned.) Whether or not I agree with your answer to the question I asked, I would still like to know what that answer is.

  4. Yeah, shippers are one thing I don’t look forward to if I ever get a successful career in game design.

    Especially since I have a race in one of my planned RPGs that has a strong cultural stigma against homosexuality (not that this would show up in-game, probably) since they have a rather unusual method of reproduction and… let’s just say if two of them tried doing it same-sex it would kill both involved as well as level the surrounding city block.

  5. I gotta say i kinda stand with you here. I’ve always said what gays are after is not Tolerance or acceptance, but Validation. That’s not gonna happen. I always actually find many in the gay community to be almost comically hypocritical.

    You see I’m actually Bi-sexual myself. You wouldn’t believe the flack we we get from gays who basically just consider us to be ‘confused’.

  6. I thought I liked Ashleigh Ball and especially Rainbow Dash, but since Ashleigh is being an iconoclast here, I am seriously reconsidering that. She said that when she first heard about bronies, the pervert alarm went off in her head. Well, now she is making the pervert alarm go off in my head big time by using Hasbro’s intellectual property for her own personal, liberal agenda. What arrogance on her part!
    I was a webmaster back in the late nineties. If I used my company’s intellectual property from my own purposes, I would have been fired.
    I grew up with My Little Pony. When Ashleigh Ball was in diapers, I was watching that show. It was a bright light in an otherwise dark period of my life.I thought the ponies were beautiful, innocent and pure. There is absolutely nothing innocent about this. I see this as a harbinger of things to come and I foresee nothing good coming. I have never been religious, but my family is. Perhaps this is the book of Revelation being fulfilled as we speak, after all.
    For the record, I am a blacksmith/farrier and licensed horseback riding instructor mainly because of My Little Pony from the 1980’s, although, I will never give up pursuing that Ph.D. in nuclear physics. The current, G4, generation of My Little Ponies is way too anthropomorphic. These ponies have round heads. Horses and ponies do not look like that. I think that I am more than qualified to say that. The ponies in generation 1 were far more equine realistic. Even the writing in that original series was far better in 8 minutes than this series can manage in 22. And now all innocence is lost. I am embarrassed for the Hasbro corporation.

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