Well…here goes….

Daniel Meyer here…yanno…Author. Electrician. Adventurer. Cat God…from over here on the forum…hijacking RHJ’s blog for a first post about the new site design.

3266 pages of comics (or thereabouts…it’s not that I’m counting…), over 200 gallery images, 22 cups of coffee, 2.2 million mouse-clicks, and 6 boxes of thin mints later…it’s online.

So here ya go. Hope you like it.

Some cool features:
1) Completed stories open to the first page.
2) In progress stories (QQSR and TOTQ) open to the current/latest page.
3) Down over there on the lower right…you’ll find links to the latest updates in QQSR and TOTQ.
4) There’s a preview pane/link to RHJ’s livestream…you can tell when he’s on and easily join the session. Come to watch him draw! You can also get a discounted commission!
5) Social media sharing buttons show up on each page…so you can easily post a link/page to facebook/etc. Spread the RHJ word!
6) Some handy links over there on the right where you can pitch in to support your artist on Patreon or via Paypal (Patreon takes paypal too!). Slide on over there and drop a dollar or two in the bucket. Your artist could use the support.
7) Links to RHJ’s books! Just buy ’em, will ya?
8) A handy-dandy blog for the artist…right here on the front page.
9) Cast pages are dummied out…so are pages for RHJ’s writings…we’ll get some content there shortly. Getting the comics on-line was the priority.
10) There’s more…but too much coffee and too many thin-mints and WAAAYYYY too many pages and I’ve no idea which thingies and whatchamabobbers are real or hallucinatory.

More neat stuff to come later…galleries are easy for the artist to post in…etc…so stay tuned. In the mean time…enjoy!

…and here’s hoping I don’t get eaten by a velociraptor…

Daniel Meyer

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