Ummmm new stuf. Yay. *fakes it*

Another day another dollar.

1) Advice to fanfic writers: don’t bother with FimFiction, at least not under the current crop of Mods. I have been personally subjected to multiple abuses, and given no recourse, and have finally had enough. I’m in the process of duplicating my fics to… a sadly far less user-friendly, but far more responsibly run and modded website…. in preparation for when they finally fabricate an excuse to ban me completely.

2)I’ve been feeling sick the past few days. I’m going to go ahead and blame the fact that I’m on a course of antibiotics AND a course of probiotics at the same time (it’s like rock-em sock-em robots for your colon!)

3)I’m contemplating an all-day broadcast. Just thinkin’ about it, but probably will… dunno when. Soon. Maybe. Gotta do them commissions, make that dinero. Shop here for Christmas gifts!

4)I just put this number here so it looks a little longer than three bits. Watermelon watermelon banana banana. Cantaloupe.

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