The Probability Bomb — 8 Comments

  1. Didn’t we prove that the earth is around 4.5 billion years old? Seems the universe would have been around for a while before that. Although time not being a constant is a possible factor.

    I do wonder what various religious texts would have looked like if they were being presented to a society with a higher scientific understanding, would the 6 days of creation become thousands, or millions of years? Would the still be days but with the explanation that time works differently for a deity? Is there any mention in any text of god/gods coming across a barren rock in the right place (the goldilocks zone) and starting life there?

    • First, no, we haven’t yet “proven” the earth is around 4.5 billion years old. Even leaving out eyewitness testimonies (i.e. The Bible), there’s plenty of scientific evidence that the Earth is about 6-10 thousand years old (though the quaestor-world could easily be more or less than that, depending on how long Ralph wanted).

      Second, it would be perfectly easy for Genesis to describe an old-earth timeline if that was what God wanted to describe. Probably read something like this:

      “In the beginning, there was dust. And over a great period of time, God caused the dust to become stars and planets. And God took one of these planets, which was such that life might grow upon it, and over a great period of time he caused life to come forth from the dust of the ground. And over a great period of time this life multiplied and changed, and became all the kinds of tree and bird and fish and creeping thing that live upon the earth, or in the skies above, or in the waters under the earth.”

      You get the idea. If the theistic evolution people were right and God had used evolution, he could have said so perfectly easily.

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