the Probability Bomb — 5 Comments

    • i would say that it’s similar to a rubber band… if you put an object like a dice on the table and put a rubber band around it, then hold the dice down slightly with your finger, then tightly gripping the other side of the RB (so you don’t accidentally let go), and pull, soon enough the force of the RB will cause the dice to shoot out from under your finger… and not the other way. you can liken the finger pressure to the force of gravity holding Qwentyn (SR) to the floor, and the force of you pulling on the RB as that which Qwentyn (R) is exerting on the ground as he’s walking away, and as long as he’s walking away, rather than standing still he is exerting more force than Qwentyn (SR)is on the ground itself, therefore HIS end of the “rubber band” will be the one that gives way and HE snaps towards the other end… the group on Mercs…

      plus it’s a combo of “rule of funny” (because it IS), and “plot armor” (because it HAD TO work out that way to continue the story).

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