The Probability Bomb — 6 Comments

  1. I suppose it hasn’t occurred to Dr. Blackfoot that even if his attempt succeeds, he won’t actually have proven much of anything. Any reasonably educated creationist will admit that random molecular motion could cause abiogenesis, in the same sense that random molecular motion could make Lincoln climb up out of his Memorial and start walking through Washington D.C. It’s just that both circumstances are so ludicrously improbable as to be effectively indistinguishable from a miracle. If Dr. Blackfoot manages to induce abiogenesis via his direct-dial miracle, that will hardly prove that life could spontaneously generate itself without such a Deus Ex Machina.

    • Probably not. On the other hand, there is a difference between having weapons and being good at using them. It’s also quite possible that they want the Alpha Wolves not for their ships’ firepower, but for their personal firepower. Loads of ship-to-ship guns aren’t much use for boarding operations or security work, after all.

  2. I get the idea these guys aren’t big on conquest by firepower anyway. They’re more the guile and deceit type, and run when the solid waste matter strikes the oscillating ventilation unit.

  3. Silly Ferret, you think religions are that easy to destroy?

    On earth at least they have existed for thousands of years, perhaps existing in some form for all of human history. It is quite possible that sentient, sapient species will also possess the ability to believe in things without any proof, we are after all largely creatures of emotion, not logic as we would like to believe.

    Even a huge lack of evidence for or completing evidence against , if such a thing can exist, is no guarantee of religions demise, as long as people can have faith in things.

    People have commented about religion in the ‘mass effect’ series and why should it still exist. Why not? Just because people discovered FTL space travel doesn’t mean they abandon all of the culture and history.

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