the Probability Bomb — 7 Comments

  1. Everything is arbitrary and meaningless…..except this huge pile of profits we’re taking with us.

    Space-faring robber-barons? The whole reason there was ever a thought of a Prime Directive?

  2. Two questions: Are you specifically going after Scientology here or just the concept in general? And either way, don’t you think it’s kinda low hanging fruit? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, we do need at least some reminders that this kind of stupid is a thing and if so I applaud you.

      • Some low hanging fruit needs a big spotlight shined on it. So those who have never done any research will take a few minutes to do so, dig past the deliberate deceptions and realize what a big steaming pile of… They’re trying to foist on people. But they have to progressively brainwash you into believing, so when they make the big reveal of Xemu in the last chapter you don’t start laughing at the absurdity.

        And worse, the depths the leaders will go to trying to keep the truth from getting out.

          • I’ll make a metaphor frappe’ any day if it gets the message across. These are people and an (alleged) religion you want nothing to do with.

            And if the Cult of Miscaivage wants to shut you up they’ll find ways to ruin your life, so a frontal attack in the press or open web is decidedly counterproductive – Report you for cheating on your wife to your mistress and vice versa, tell your boss you’ve been selling corporate property on the side, anything they can make up to cause trouble. Make sure to read up on those details too.

    • as to the ‘bar bet’ origin of Scientology,
      I had an old friend who was THERE at that bar many years ago
      listening to the discussion on Dianetics between L Ron Hubbard
      and John Campbell and some others and he confirmed that essentially is what happened.

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