The Probability Bomb — 2 Comments

  1. I’m surprised by the amount of gore you explicitly showed in the 2nd panel. You have usually gone more the route of the cartoon/PG route of showing everything but the brutal gore deathscene
    Like the next chump. You have shown her being killed…by NOT showing the death. Just the goggles and arm. It’s a weird juxtaposition.

    You have shown gore before. I just don’t recall it being this in the face. (or head in this case.)

    It seemed an abrupt enough change that I felt I needed to register to make this comment.

    I’ve liked and followed your comics for years now. I’ve enjoyed your frank and brutal humor that still followed a simple honesty. That 2nd panel just seemed a little too far.

    (Is it impertinent to suggest you have it changed to just the beam flying through the air? It leaves the same message when you show the 4th panel and has a similar impact on the viewer.)

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