the Probability Bomb — 9 Comments

  1. Okay, he’s a fan? Not sure just where this is going though…I have a feeling he’s going to want more than Freeman Downs Quentyn’s autograph.

  2. Looks like Quentyn has a bit of a Fan.

    I get the feeling this guy probably has like a Shrine to the Questor. LOL

    Meeting someone you’ve Idolized in the flesh has got to be one of the greatest things anyone can experience. An experience worth WAY more then any amount of money.

  3. AH!, the joys of being a TechnoGeek, and working from home… you get to lounge around all day in either your underwear, or your Pj’s…

  4. Actually, the more I think about it… Our Broker thinks Quentyn Quinn the Questor is the “merchandise” being offered in trade for the information. And if that were so, he’d be a rather valuable chip indeed.

    Now I know Commander Quinn isn’t going to just hand him over, but he will have to actively disabuse the Broker of the notion. “You can pick his brain for a while, but he goes where I go ’till this is all over. Or we’re going to have Temporal Fireworks the likes of which…” Heck, he saw the Chronoton count, and should figure that one out.

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