The Probability Bomb — 6 Comments

  1. So Black Ribbon level talent is enough to catch the raccoon Spartan off guard. Gotta love these little temporal reality checks, don’cha, Ranger Q?

    • I don’t Lux Talent was so much Lost as it was Diluted over the centuries, as more and more devices were invented to work Lux so Racconans wouldn’t have to do it themselves.

      That was My interpretation of the Whole Lux thing in the future.

  2. FWACOOM! Best comic sound effect I’ve heard in a while.

    (Good thing a target range like this is well shielded, else an overpowered shot like that might breach the hull.)

  3. And how many crewmembers come running to investigate the lux explosion? Imagine the possible effect if he was a high level mage/adept instead.

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