The Probability Bomb — 5 Comments

  1. question is: IS he ACTUALLY going to DO that? his narrowed eyes, and his right hand coming up to scratch at his collar, seems to me like he’s having second thoughts about what he’s been told all those years about a “moratorium” on temporal physics experiments… And that he DOESN’T like what he’s coming up with. this may go badly for him, whether it’s JUST him and his career, or for his whole society, i don’t know… but the ride getting there will be an Interesting one! (as in the old saying “interesting”, that is!)

  2. AND, did you notice that the Tribunal wanted the “chronally anomalous individual” FIRST, but when told it wasn’t gonna happen, then they shifted to “get the Heisenberg DEVICE” (multiple times too) even though he told them BOMB? i’ll bet, that if he HAD gotten Past Quentyn, then the Tribunal would have told him to “bring ‘it’ to location xyz, thank you, your part is DONE, Go back to your patrol, your presence is no longer required, DO NOT ASK ABOUT IT…” Location xyz being a super secret science base that is doing all the stuff they publicly denounce, and attempt to brush the whole incident under the rug… whether or not they try to brush Admiral Cypher under the figurative carpet as well, remains to be seen… though i wouldn’t put it past the Tribunal… the head on our right (it’s left head) has that eyes-half-closed look that seems sneaky-and-trying-to-hide-it to me, as if he’s contemplating it seriously.

  3. Tribunal..brings a whole new meaning to power-sharing. And like a lot of folks in power…”We don’t condone it, we don’t believe in researching it, but we’ll darn sure seize it and use it as we see fit.”

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