The Probability Bomb — 12 Comments

    • I was talking about the shape of the blade. It used to be a pretty basic shape but now it’s well I suppose you could say it’s kinda leaf shaped now.

        • True, but I mean when you first See Quentyn on this comic Wild Card looks like it usually does. Then when you next see it when it returns to him it has this new blade. And why would it change shape for no reason. It changed for the Dragon because of its hard scales. It had no reason for changing it’s shape to it’s current one so far as I can tell.

          • maybe that’s the best shape that it decided it needed to be to get thru THESE guys’ scales?

          • I don’t think that’s the case. Because it was this new shape when it came to Quentyn on the Space Ranger ship

    • um… not really… as he stands right NOW, with ZERO training in Space related safety, he’s more of a DANGER to EVERYONE than he was back in the past when he still didn’t know anything about Wildcard… just think of the damage he’s already done to just that one room, with obviously High-Energy power-lines, the blast damage when stuff exploded, who knows what kind of toxic materials were either released by containers/pipes breaking, or vaporized by the explosions, Radiation exposure, etc… and if that lab was anywhere near the outer hull, he could have blown a hole right to vacuum… heck, I’m surprised that the four of them (Past-Q, plus the 3 crew) are even ALIVE right now (Plot Armor not withstanding) yes, if FUTURE-Q was inside the Worm-Trap and escaped to cause that destruction, I’d be more tolerant of your comment at face value, as he would KNOW what kind of “stuff” could/would happen, and because he IS highly trained, he deemed it a risk that he could take.

      don’t get me wrong, they would probably ended up the same way… but F-Q wouldn’t have panicked like P-Q seems to have done… anyway… thanks for reading my wall-o-text, and keep the comments coming as i enjoy the conversations in them…

  1. Nice to see that while he has subdued (and destroyed much of) the science lab, he has (apparently) not yet drawn blood in his well-armed panic attack.

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