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    • Judging by the fact that they are sharing a text bubble and from what I’ve seen of Omnibus, his bubbles are usually blue, I’d have to say probably. Granted, I haven’t actually read QQSR, so any Omnibus dialogue I’ve been exposed to has been in this comic, so I could easily be wrong.

  1. I like that they let him keep Wild Card, even though they did tie it into the sheath.

    (I’ll be reffering to Quester Quentin and Quentin and Space Ranger Quentin as Quinn to try and avoid confusion)

    Plus I wonder if we’ll get a glimpse of who Quentin married like a maybe a family tree thing Quinn might have Omnibus show.

    • “Tied it into the sheath” is commonly known as “Peace Bonding” and practiced a lot at conventions.

      And the conventions should cross over between the years, because the Bonding means they can’t practically remove Wildcard from his immediate possession. But opening the Peace Bond Tie has to be a deliberate action, and is a “Are you Sure? Y/N” move for Quentin.

  2. As an additional layer, I refer to the Questor as “Quenty” like his freinds do.

    Whether we find out in this story who he marries/married or not (I think it won’t come up), I wonder if it is someone we already know or have even just seen once or if it’s someone completely (so far) unknown.

    • For all we know it could be Nessie. Remember the Girl he rescued from the Gragum. Or maybe (though less likely) the Barmaid…I can’t remember her name though…

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