The Probability Bomb — 12 Comments

  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHA! Hahahahahaha! Hahahahahahaha! Hoo…

    The above is approximately my first impression of this page. Not to mention I totally saw it coming that the randomized effect wouldn’t actually do something harmful–after all, a case has been made before that Wildcard doesn’t select strictly at random, but rather it does whatever Quentyn most needs, much like a true wild card. They don’t just morph into high value cards, but match pairs or even fill in straights. Considering this whole thing is really a gigantic misunderstanding, Ridgedale Quentyn NEEDS to not have a good hand this time.

    • I dunno about the rant–did the top line though, it’s “Again! Freaking again!” However, the speech bubble says “Die you stupid piece of–“

      • I had some time, so I traslated the rant. Starting on the second line, it reads(with assumed text in parentheses): “Again you betray me in the midd(le o)f a fight for my (life! I) would sel(l) my left (?) just to ha(ve a {some thing that ends in “m”} r)eliable arcane (weapon.) But no, I get (this pi)ese of wo”

    • “Again! Freaking again!
      Again you betray me in
      the middle of a fight
      for my… would sel(l)
      my left … just to
      arcan….but no
      I get ….ece of wo…

    • I was curious myself so I went and translated it. Of course there are words that are blocked by Quentyn(FD) himself, so I’ll put in parenthesis what I think probably goes there.
      Again! Freaking again!
      Again you betray me in
      the middle of a fight
      for my (life) would sel(l)
      my left (arm or maybe leg) just to
      h(ave a more r)eliable
      arcan(e weapon?) but no
      i get (this? pi)ece of wo(rk!)

  2. Oh dear kittens, I’m still laughing at this. Both at the “chicken” attack and that, after his rant, Wildcard and a disabled camera drone bop him on the head.

    Oh my sides!

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