Tales of the Questor — 6 Comments

  1. Welcome back! Nice to see a new post. I do hope Brother Lucas can morph back into a human form that attracts less attention.

    How have you been, Ralph? Health getting better?

  2. Full moon might be his only problem with that, which can be worked around. Perhaps he just wasn’t working hard enough to stay human for Quentyn, one of those who is otherwise capable of doing so.

    Sam & Pelinor are less than thrilled to have him along. 😉

  3. Yup. He’s still an adolescent– about Sam’s age, in fact. He’s got enough control that he’s not going to accidentally “out” himself, but he’s not going to be able to force himself into human form on a double full moon like the more mature therianthropes (the abbot, for example.) ((Remember, Aerith has TWO moons. One orbits weekly, the other monthly… you can literally tell the day of the week and month by the phases of the moons. Is it not nifty?))
    Sam and Pelinor are both hesitant about having Brother Lucas along… but for different reasons, as you’ll soon find out.

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