Tales of the Questor — 5 Comments

  1. SMART. Make it look either suspicious or like the result of drunken debauchery, get rid of as much evidence as possible, and put the burden of guilt on the little monster in the bargain. By the time this gets sorted out the Questor and company are hopefully going to be looong gone…perhaps back over the border with the one artifact he DID find already.

    Personally I’d have stuck him IN one of the buildings before torching the place.

    • dead cardinals cause a bit more of an uproar… besides, it’s an old military strategy: one dead soldier is one less enemy combatant. One WOUNDED soldier is at least 3 enemy combatants removed from the field… A drunk cardinal and his retinue under suspicion of burning down a monastery– that’s scandal, uproar, confusion, clergy and staff in the Pope’s chambers running about higgledy piggledy– too busy to bother Quentyn’s party or anyone else for that matter.

  2. Hmm, drunken stupor plus amnesia plus burned-out monastery.

    Richlieu is well in the frame for this.

    Looks like I was correct:
    1) The Cardinal and his men are alive and well (for a liberal definition thereof).
    2) The monastery has fallen (or been torched).

    Of course, the weres are still alive. But now they have to either regroup and rebuild, or just vanish (as Richlieu may still try to get them, once he gets out of this little mess).

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