Tales of the Questor — 10 Comments

  1. That’s the problem with cornering a wolf and her cubs – you make fighting to the death a much more attractive option when they can’t run. And they know good and well that with their stronghold compromised they have literally nothing to lose but their lives which are forfeit already.

    Honestly, at this point their best bet is to leave no survivors, torch everything they can’t carry, generally try to make things look like a bandit raid…while running like hell on wheels for the nearest Racconan border. And here’s why: Quentyn can vouch for them but the more pressing matter is that *they are not safe anywhere in known human territory* with how far the influence of the pseudo-Catholic Church can reach. The absolute best they can hope for is to hide in a cave or a sympathizer’s care and even THAT is very dicey because of how high profile a target they will be. No, it’s high time to get the hell out of Dodge.

  2. 1. Hurray for the update! Hope your health problems are under control, RH.

    2. Darstar is right. Unless every witness dies, these weremonks are as good as dead. I am very curious to see how you handle this.

  3. heh – don’t forget this is a non-technological era. The number of games my friends and I dodged a bullet by killing authorities and burying the bodies where no one would find them allowed us to survive quite a long time. Those with truth spells can also be fobbed off with wording that is not technically a lie. “He left with the knights the day he arrived” (Into a deep hole)”He didn’t tell us where he was going” (He was too busy dying) etc…

    …and the weres can keep going just as they are.

    (yeah, we haven’t played ‘heroes’ for a while 😉 )

    Of course, if the cardinal notified the church of the situation, then they were already beaten before they started, and killing them will give them a little bit of pleasure before they go into hiding. ((Did that once or twice too when the army after us got too big to deal with. Changing IDs, etc – not like they can do a credit check 😉 ))

  4. Also, when dealing with an entire pack of cornered werewolves, I think coming in with more than a handful of soldiers and a bad attitude might be the very first line in the “How To Survive This Situation” guide. Unless the cardinal’s playbook is the “How To Commit Character Suicide” in which case, he’s bang on the money and pass the popcorn, please.

  5. I’d like to make one comment and two predictions here.

    Comment 1: Checking back, it seems that the cardinal has put his foot in it big time. He’s found out that they follow the ‘Sojourner heresy’, whatever that is (not engaged enough to flip back and find out) but missed the much bigger problem that they’re also a bunch of freakin’ werewolves. WHOOPS.

    Prediction 1: Despite being in direct and immediate danger from the cardinal spreading the word and coming back with an army armed with silver weapons, the werewolves are not going to disappear the cardinal. At most, they’ll force him to allow Quentyn and friends to leave, then abandon the monastery. Even if someone suggests the most basic and obvious solution, it will be shouted down as “We’re better than this!”. Ignoring the fact that allowing principles to override pragmatism at a time like that *invalidates* everything that Quentyn was trying to do, to keep them safe. If they can hide the fact that they’re a monastery full of werewolves, they can fake the cardinal and his men leaving peacefully and disappearing into the wilderness. But that’s not gonna happen. Because pointless drama.

    Prediction 2: Once the werewolves spare his life, the cardinal *is* going to make it his life’s work to hunt them down and kill them all. Because he’s going to utterly ignore every tenet of the Church that involves turning the other cheek and forgiving thy enemies, because they’re *wrong* and they’re *heretics*, even though they *chose* to spare him. Once again, because pointless drama.

    I could be wrong. I’ll be happy if I am. But that’s the way I see this unfolding.

    Will wait and see.

  6. Indeed we shall see – but another thing we already see in that last panel is not one set of eyes doing the ‘morose and forlorn’ angling. 😉 My money’s still on the dinner bell 😀 (Maybe I’m channeling my 19th level gnomish master assassin who retired at the peak of her game and built an entire city of assassination purely to entertain her in her old age and keep her on her toes. The heads of the first three members of her family who came sniffing around for a monetary handout (including her mother) now adorn each of the three entrances into the city along with the caption plaques “Anyone else”?” The GM was speechless.)

  7. Definitely one way to do it. Unfortunately, I can definitely see the wolves pulling back from massacring the Cardinal’s party (or the Cardinal having unaccountably come armed with the right silver/holy weapons to fight off the wolves). Or even Quentyn himself not having the fortitude to stand back and let the wolves deal with the problem. Either way, the Cardinal will survive and the monastery will fall.

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