It’s… down to the wire, folks. the bank accounts are currently empty, and it’s less than five days till my internet and electric bills are due. There is a Patreon payout on the way– but it’s a race to see whether the money or the disconnect will arrive first, and the patreon is currently not even enough to cover the electric bill. Please, please, please, if you ever thought about doing it, now would be the time to drop a dollar in the till, or order that commission, book or DVD.

I hate this. I hate this with all my heart. I never wanted to be an internet beggar, panhandling for money and pity, I wanted to make my way with my art and with my talents. But everything has been one step forward, two steps back for far too long, and it slips further each day. I’ve been pushing myself hard these past few days, trying to catch up and make up, but I’m miles behind the pack and losing ground. If something extraordinary doesn’t happen, I’m going down for the third time. Please, help.

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PLEASE HELP — 5 Comments

  1. If I had an income of my own I’d donate, but the most I can do right now is provide a few possible buffer incomes. One I’m looking into is Cambly (, a paid tutoring service designed to pair ESL students with English speakers in video chats. It pays 17 cents per minute in a video call, which according to reviewers comes out to about $7 an hour instead of the $10.20 the website states; still a decent amount, but not a lot. You could also try website testing (, another option I’m looking into, or check out the BeerMoney subreddit ( for other ideas. Again, sorry I can’t help more; I hope some of these will be enough to tide you over.

  2. RH, I’m a current supporter through Patreon, and am sympathetic to your plight. I have followed your comics for at least 10 years, and for all that time have desired for you to be able to make your living by your art and storytelling.

    I’m thankful that Patreon is allowing us to monetarily show our support, but I would put forward that you may not be leveraging it most effectively.

    I, personally, would pay $0.50 or $1 per update for the comics that I follow (Quentyn Quinn & Tales of the Questor), but, I hesitate to pay a larger flat monthly contribution that’s not tied directly to production of the comics that I prefer. As a supporter, I want to pay per production of the comics of my choosing, whether on the fly or as a monthly summation. You could get considerably more money out of me if you leveraged Patreon in a way similar to how does it, than you do now. I don’t think that I am alone.

    Just a capitalistic suggestion that could work towards the good of us all.

  3. I’d love to comission ya. I’ve tried before but I can’t seem to figure out how to get the order in.

    I figure I’m probably not alone. Maybe a button or something on the front page linking to a form?

  4. I donated; hopefully it’s not too little, too late. Whether it gives me the right to the following hopefully constructive criticism, I’ll leave for others to decide:
    1. I don’t like the “three strikes and you’re out for 8 hours” to log in, even after resetting my password.
    2. I don’t like the black background and all the links to non-active strips on this site; the recent updates s/b at the top so I don’t have to scroll down for them.
    3. You might want to talk to Chris P over at for some tips on how he’s able to manage a daily update when his health/financial problems I suspect are as bad as yours or worse. Until you’re able to update your comics on a regular basis, I’m afraid you’re not going to make it and should resign yourself to whatever McJob I assume you’ve got.
    4. Look into whether you can get your books offered on like Rick Griffin does for Housepets; I’ve got a bunch of amazon gift cards from work awards that I’d consider using to buy some books there; $25 for the (presumably color) Questor/QQSR books is a bit much for me to spend real money on, especially given the grimdark nature of the recent storylines in both (the Fey and most of QQSR).

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