This Person Needs Our Help.

J Riley McCool is an online webcartoonist through , who writes three different comics… “A Little More Humiliation,” “Habibah’s Song–”

The one that first garnered my attention, however, was her autobiographical comic: “How to be Homeless.”

Yes, it seems that these comics are written and drawn by a homeless young woman.

It’s not much known, I suspect, but there was a short period in my feckless youth when I was living on the street myself (and yes, in my case through my OWN folly, unlike this lady.) I can tell you the stuff she’s describing rings more than true, and I wasn’t homeless anywhere near as long, and I was nowhere near the state of silent desperation she has reached.

She lives out of her truck, camps on “government” forest land when she can, and manages to stay online via a cobbled together system with a laptop, cell phone, a solar charger and a battery… (this sort of thing is why I think it’s BULLSHIT when people mock protesters for having “luxuries” like cell phones.) She writes her comic narrating her own struggles as a “non permanent addressed individual,” and to pass on tips and tricks for survival she’s learned. If her story doesn’t break your heart and maybe even outrage you, it should.

This just isn’t right, people. I’ve enjoyed good fortune and blessings that I never deserved, while this person is on the street. If I can, I want to try and pass some of the good fortune I’ve enjoyed onward. Ms. McCool does have a Patreon page; I’m going to make a small pledge of my own and I’m going to encourage everyone I can to do the same. I’ve also inquired after a mailing address where care packages might be sent…

J Riley McCool
P.O. Box 2621
Sandpoint, Idaho, 83864