Once they pee in it….

To the Editors
of Liberty Island

I have received your contract, and your review/edit of my short story.

I would like to thank Mr Bellows for his fascinating contributions to my story. However, while I am sure I am in need of an editor to check for spelling, grammatical errors, etc. I am afraid that at this time I have no interest in a ghost writer.

Mr. Bellows’ countless alterations consisted largely of arbitrary changes in word arrangement that ruined the narrative flow, unnecessary tweaks to the dialogue, the addition of entire unnecessary sentences, the removal of several necessary ones, two errors in tense and at least one spelling error. Even then I would normally yield the floor. However, while I would yield before an editor who was signing my paycheck, I am a bit loth to do so for one who expects to post my content on his site essentially for free.

In brief: Do you wish to publish Mr. Bellows’ writing, or mine?

Your arrangement consists of posting my stories on your site with complete exclusivity for, as I recall, almost two years, without pay, all compensation to come in the form of donations thrown into a paypal hat. I found this agreement to be fairly acceptable; however, if you are going to be using my actual name, I would require that you use my actual writing.


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  1. Perhaps the “Liberty” in Liberty Island is what they feel is the right to alter submissions to suit their tastes. I did not see any of your works on the website so it is possible they have removed them out of spite.

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