Nothing Changes — 4 Comments

  1. That first Time cover is photo-shopped. The original cover has to do with Global Warming, not a coming ice age.

  2. In recent times, understanding of the effects have lead to a shift from calling it “global warming” to “global climate change.” The overall average temperature is still rising, but the naming of it “global warming” has caused too much confusion and too many people rejecting it out of hand; “If this global warming thing is real, why is it still cold in the winter?” The global climate change doesn’t necessarily mean that Winter will stop being a thing; the weather will just be different.

    And humanity has spent roughly the past 2000 years building its cities in locations dependent of their regional weather remaining more-or-less constant. A city used to droughts would not fair well against suddenly becoming a flood-plain; a city prepared for floods is not going to handle a blizzard very well. And so on and so forth.

    I take a pragmatic view on climate change. For supporters of it, if they’re wrong, then all they’ve done is ensured our non-renewable oil will last much much longer and that the overall quality of life for future generations is improved. If they’re right, humanity is prepared and weather’s the storm without too many casualties. Those who deny climate change, if they’re right, then life continues on as per usual. If they’re wrong, however… One might see the logic in supporting the side that, at the very least, can AFFORD to be wrong.

    • The problem is, it’s not your side that can afford it.

      Preparing for a nonexistent calamity can be more destructive than the calamity itself. Consider DDT, which despite being the safest pesticide known to man, and the accusations of it being a carcinogen and to be harmful to wildlife were proven to be unproven, was outlawed. Thus far, several hundred MILLION people, mostly children in third world countries, have died of malaria— which resurged violently when DDT, the one thing that was keeping the mosquito population under control, was outlawed. “Silent Spring” and its falsified hypothesis about DDT MAYBE causing bird extinctions resulted in the ACTUAL deaths of millions of innocent children.

      And the rejection of global warming fearmongering is not due to “but it’s cold in winter!” but due to the facts:
      1)Temperature has DROPPED for 18 years.
      2)Climate has changed continually since the dawn of time— look up the medieval warming period, the little ice age, and the bronze age climate change. (Must’ve been all those darn roman chariot SUVs, right?)
      3)The proposed “solutions” (and they’re ALWAYS the same, regardless of whether we’re all gonna die from freezing or burning) would cause worldwide economic catastrophe. And while you,sitting in your little enclave, might ride it out, it will spell privation for millions of others– even starvation and death…. and the end result by GW advocates’ own estimates won’t even result in a change of one degree, either way.

      You propose government oppression, economic ruination, and God only knows what environmental damage (environmentalists are fabulous at wrecking the environment in the name of fixing it– see Yellowstone for further examples) for the sake of a change that would fit in the margin of error of a digital thermometer.

      I think it’s YOU and your unsupported proposals that we can live without.

  3. I don’t know whether that Time cover was photoshopped or not, but to those who insist We Were Always At War With East…er, We Were Always Alarmed At Global Warming, I say **I** **WAS** **THERE**, and remember. They can’t drop “Ice Age Alarmism (And It’s All Our Fault) down the memory hole.

    Whenever this comes up, especially when they say “The Ice Caps Are Disappearing!!!”, I always check out the Cryosphere Today web page, and look for myself.

    Who are you gonna believe? Al Gore? Or your own lying eyes?