….No they can’t.

Aaaand they cancelled my operation appointment.


Because I gained about 10 lbs in the THREE MONTHS since the first operation and their operating tables are no longer rated for my body weight. THEY WAITED TILL THE DAY BEFORE THE OPERATION TO TELL ME THIS. (note, if they’d done the operation at Marietta Memorial instead of immediately trying to slough me off to OSU back in January this wouldn’t have been a problem!)

So now I have to go round robin getting an appointment at OSU…. again… and arranging transportation…. again….

And I spent all thursday and friday calling OSU only to get an answering machine…

Nothing has gone right, Not ONE THING, Since they put that stent in. My ride falls through (random crap happening to him, not his fault). The medical transport company can’t transport me (wouldn’t send out the vehicle I requested, then claimed their vans “aren’t rated” for me.) The local hospital balks and waffles. (Sure we can do this!– oh whups, nahh, guess we can’t. Wait, we can, we just don’t want to– nope, we definitely can’t.) Ambulance ride? Sure, if you’re nearly dying and/or willing to pay the GDP of Bolivia. Now OSU WON’T ANSWER ITS DAMNED PHONES OR RESPOND TO ITS ANSWERING MACHINE MESSAGES. Apparently I have to be writhing on the ground, shrieking in agony and trying to claw my own bladder out with my fingers before the ever-loving medical community will stop making me jump through hoops and finish the hack job they did on my internal organs.

I’m so tired, and so frustrated, and I ache and hurt and it looks like that’s NEVER going to end….

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