Nip and Tuck — 4 Comments

  1. What is that towel made of? It should have snagged on her quills.

    OTOH if this is a regular thing with a porcupine’s ability to loose quills, I would imagine that there is an wall in the bathroom with an interesting Decoration scheme….

  2. I would imagine s/he does. Does s/he use bolt/wire cutters? Can they be resharpened?

    Taking that into account however, The fact that they can be styled, means they are still fairly thin.

    The point still stands.

  3. Porcupines– at least American ones– have two kinds of quills: the long slim bendy kind that are more stiff hairs than anything, and the shorter detachable barbed ones that are so nasty and injurious. You can assume that Zelda routinely grooms those loose quills out, for safety’s sake– the same as regular women shave their legs or pluck their brows. Perhaps by flopping backwards on a sheet of foam rubber and plucking them all at once?… Must be satisfying, like pulling off old sunburned skin or an old scab. Kinda makes my back itch thinking about it.

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