Nip and Tuck — 6 Comments

    • Are we reading the same comic? Nip came up to Hortense and her friend and said hello in a friendly manner — no comments of any sort, and much as one would expect from the Todds and Malarkey County in general — and for this he received what could well be called abuse and a diatribe on extreme feminism. His subsequent “jocular” comments were well in character for him, as were Hortense’s responses, neither of which did anything to calm matters (if that was possible); nonetheless, it is Estelle’s reaction to his mere presence that started all the trouble, and she is the one who has resorted to attempted violence and assault because he won’t just roll over and accept her opinions of him and males in general. Now her anger has resulted in her suffering, but all Nip did was to respond to her and then run away. I don’t see how this makes him a troll, regardless of whether you consider Estelle a strawshrew or not.

  1. Hmm, won’t have though Mace would have done that, other aerosols, perhaps.

    Word of advice Estelle, that stuff for self defence, not attack. Also, when your feminist friend is looking that tired with you, you might want to rethink your approach.

  2. Just had a thought… While it’s fun watching Zelda and Gilly spar on the radio, I’d like to see what might happen between her and Estelle.

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