Nip and Tuck — 7 Comments

  1. Well, this shouldn’t last to long. If Shrew Girl has the Metabolism, she should be able to catch him easily. At that point she will drop from exhaustion, and hunger. Hortense will probably make him pay for a meal.

  2. Vanish count: 1

    So, Estelle’s portrayal aside, Nip is basically a troll, especially if he did in fact see that coming. He’s approached someone clearly on good terms with a friend of his sister-in-law, but also someone with whom he’s clearly not close enough to have a jocular relationship, with a comment intended to goad a negative reaction.

    • Really? You’re gonna try and go there? He says howdy to a friend, she’s not merely rude but viciously hostile, then proceeds to say something almost obscenely stupid… which he rightfully makes fun of… and she chases him with a can of MACE…. and NIP is the mean ol’ patriarchal villain?

      Did I trigger you, or did you just leave your Safe Space too soon this morning when they ran out of animal cookies and juice?

      • As I recall (and find out I’m correct, if the back button is functioning correctly), he opened with “Your WHAT has a voice?” and proceeded to make a rude insinuation about either yeast infections or venereal disease. Estelle may be written as overly hostile and reactionary, but he was obviously gunning for a negative reaction.

          • Besides which, referring to Nip as “patriarchal” is pretty undeserved. Whatever he did it from a sense of patriarchal protection or just because he respects people, Nip’s done some pretty feminist things in the past.

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