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—Well, I’m FINALLY scheduled to go in for my kidney stone operation this coming wednesday… after many delays and some whinging on my part, they decided that they guess they could do the operation here at the local hospital after all instead of halfway across the state. Once I got the pea gravel out of my internal organs, I intend to get back up to speed comic and writing wise as quickly as possible.

—Aaaaaaand I just got hit with an autopayment for the website host– putting my bank account in the red for about $160. (headdesk) Anyone want to make a commission? Buy a book? Drop a buck in the hat?

—the Patreon of Miss J Riley McCool, author of “How to be Homeless,” is now up to $650 a month. This makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. (My own is sort of hovering at $380, but I can’t help feeling it’s all I deserve at the moment, as slow as I’ve been updating.) Go round, check out her stuff, maybe toss a buck in the hat…

—bought a new office chair.(which dinged me pretty hard, and obviously at a bad time.) Cost too much but I need it; current one is in danger of falling apart, literally hurts to sit in too long and is becoming a quite literal safety hazard (If I fall down, dialing 911 may be involved.) New one is supposed to arrive Monday. Hope my butt fits in it, but it’s rated for 500 lbs so I should be okay.

—I may have my electric bill squared away for the immediate future w/ some state financial aid. Awaiting further information from HEAP…. here’s hoping and praying.

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