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Kidney Stone Update— My local hospital, Marietta Memorial, is now arranging to send me to OSU in Columbus for a final operation to have my kidney stones (and the stents) removed. It seems that (once again) Marietta Memorial does not have the equipment to do the job in my particular circumstances. Once OSU sets the date, I will be shuffling to arrange transportation for the 2 hour trip out, and back… needless to say, I’m probably going to be completely out of commission around that time. (Not that I’m particularly IN commission right now— but isn’t it lovely to know for certain that at least several days in your immediate future are going to suck eggs?)

—In other news, I just received a lovely little automated phonecall: a disconnect warning from the electric company. I have till January 26 to pay up, or they yank the plug. I’ve already sent off a request for financial aid, and will chase it with a request for emergency rush aid when the paper notice arrives– but this looks like a race I’m liable to lose. It is appalling that the electrical needs of a single person living in a TRAILER of all things should keep him staggering right on the edge all the time. To look at the bill you’d think I was running a Vegas casino out of my living room. I swear, folks, I don’t even run Christmas lights. I only use electric heaters to heat up a tented workspace around my computer, my bedroom and my bathroom– and only two of those at a time. I dry my clothes on a line. My “porch lights” are chintzy little solar powered garden lamps!

—Managed to burn my legs. Had a little space heater by my desk during one of the really bad cold snaps, I dozed off and my legs slid over too close– got what was basically a 2nd degree sunburn on the fronts of my calves. Didn’t even feel it; the swelling in my legs has made the skin between my knees and ankles like rhinoceros hide. Doesn’t even hurt, but it looks seriously nasty, and the lymphadema of course is making it a laborious process to heal up.

–Finally got a dude in the neighborhood who runs errands and does odd jobs for me. He’s the only reason I’ve been able to get my groceries or my prescriptions or get to the doctor’s office… (my legs have swollen so much I can no longer drive a vehicle.) I chuck money at him from time to time (and he’s got a pre-paid to-do list, I might add), but he does a lot of stuff (like fetching my pills or the like) pro bono, which is decent of him. Ironically he’s sort of in a bind now too– someone haxxored him, so his bank accounts, etc. all had to be frozen while they dealt with the identity thief, and he’s in a lurch because he ain’t got no cash on hand at the worst possible time of the month. Man, 2017 is kicking all our butts thus far…

—FYI, radiant heaters are cheaper, but they’re crap. Get one with a blower, otherwise you’re wasting money and your time. Radiant heaters only warm up what’s IN FRONT OF them, and not very far in front either (hence my leg burns). Great if you wanna toast marshmallows at your desk, not so great if you want to keep anything more than your toes warm! Blower heaters, even fairly small ones, heat up the AIR, making the whole room warm for about the same amount of electricity. There’s also less risk of accidental burns, as I can testify. It’s surprising that radiant heaters even sell at all, really. I blame it on that subconscious “glowy red equals toasty warm” association.

—Sitting here in some unpleasant stent-related discomfort… my last pain med prescription (a ridiculously short three day one) ran out, and the doctor postdated the next one so I can’t get it filled till tomorrow. Gotta go through a ridiculous rigamarole to get it filled, to boot. Hell, the first prescription I had to wait EIGHT HOURS between tablets. Hint: guess who was grinding his teeth and watching the clock like a hawk at the six-hour point. All because some coke-snorting five-martini-lunch congressmen and their knee-jerk prohibitionist little-old-church-lady voting blocs decided that it would just be the worst thing in the world if us little people started using a little too much oxycontin. I’m a kidney stone patient, you jackasses. I’ve got jagged gravel and plastic tubes stuck up inside my pee-pee! I think Jesus will be kind of understanding if I get just a teeny bit buzzed keeping the chronic ache and pain away!

I concluded ages ago that it’s not reason, or ethics, scriptural clarity or moral understanding that motivates the prohibitionist movement, but spite. Fellow Christians, you push Teetotalling in the name of Jesus, who drank enough to be accused of being a winebibber and whose first miracle was to provide a wedding with WINE. His apostles were accused at Pentecost of being drunk on “new wine,” as well, so no, it wasn’t grape juice or safely watered down. (watering down wine was a crime in most countries at the time!)

That should give pause right there. But the clincher for me was, when discussing the issue of legalizing marijuana (literally one of the most medically and materially useful plants on earth, and possibly the safest drug in existence), a survey revealed a considerable percentage of Christians would reluctantly allow the legalizing of marijuana for medicinal uses– “so long as the doctors came up with a way to keep it from getting people high.” In other words, “yes, we’ll approve this life-saving, quality-of-life-improving miracle drug so long as you make absolutely sure nobody remotely enjoys partaking of it.”

( I’m reminded painfully of how back in the sixties the health nazis were getting in their first hysteria over cholesterol… pandering politicians dragged scientists and egg farmers to the table to “discuss” the matter. When the scientists informed them that the lipid theory–animal fats and dietary cholesterol= high blood cholesterol= heart disease– was complete junk science (it is, and the medical community is finally admitting it!), and the farmers informed them that their scaremongering would destroy their livelihood, the politicians huffed and informed the farmers that they should concentrate their efforts on breeding chickens that laid low-cholesterol eggs, then. I’ll leave it to the biology and biochem majors to explain to everyone the epic level of stupid in that.)

It’s just so much easier to blame the Demon Rum or the Devil Weed for the downfall of a man, than to blame the intemperate man himself. And people in pain having to play “mother may I” with their doctors, their pharmacist and the government simultaneously just to get some watered-down relief is only the least of the consequences.

But I do rant on.

—Reviewing the above, It seems my New Year’s resolution to produce more regular and more frequent content is getting kicked in the Jimmies by the actual New Year. 😛 I’m going to try and grind out some more stuff before they haul me off to OSU. Commissions, desktops, patreon exclusive content, etc. Dunno what or how much, but I’ll try.

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