Kickstarter Reboot

After much consideration, and in light of several facts including the general response to the campaign as-is, I am cancelling the current Kickstarter program, and replacing it with one… slightly less ambitious.

All of you who did pledge— your pledges are cancelled and cleared out, so no worries. Thank you so much for your vote of confidence in me and your support; it just seems that at this point I simply do not have a large enough audience for a Kickstarter campaign this size. You’re all the best.

What I am doing right now is posting up a new campaign similar to this one… with a slightly more realistic funding goal and project size. It’s going to be called THE QUESTORVERSE CROSSOVER… it’s going to be a to-print crossover comic, with the Kickstarter donors as the cast! It’s going to be a minimum of 15 pages– and naturally the more pledges I get past the goal, the more pages will be in the final comic…

It’s waiting approval now, and I will be posting details and links as soon as they are ready.

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