Kickstarter Reboot 2: Electric Boogaloo

The new, improved Kickstarter campaign is underway!

Casting call for a webcomic crossover– where every kickstarter donor over $10 will have a walk-on part!

What we’re making here is a 15 page (minimum) crossover story arc between my two webcomics, Tales of the Questor and Quentyn Quinn, Space Ranger. The plotline will involve time travel, cosmic weapons, and heaping helpings of space opera liberally dosed with technomage fantasy. Once it is completed, it will be posted online at the website…. and will be made available in print, through as a full-color comic book.

All supporters will be listed in the comic as supporters. The avatars of contributors at the $10 mark or higher will star in the comic itself, with their role depending upon their donation level… with slots ranging from background and crowd scenes all the way up to one of the major villains. Those donating $50 or higher will receive a free copy of the print comic as well. The finished comic will be released under Creative Commons Attribution license (original characters excepted.)

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