I have till February 23…. Update

Last two payments I sent? $300 in november and $250 in January.

Newest electric bill? $944.

Least amount to prevent disconnect? $524.

Don’t even ask about my lot rent.

All it takes, is to just be short “just a few dollars” for enough months in a row….

Before you ask: yes, I’ve applied for financial aid from HEAP.
Yes, I’m inquiring with the electric company and asking them to check my meter.
And yes, I know about payment plans for utilites…. I’m already ON one. Which is half of why things are so hairy– it may spread the debt out as payments over several months, but it still adds up fast. I could use zero electricity and still have a (for me) fairly hefty bill at the end of the month as a result….

Still waiting for a response from HEAP.

UPDATE: Dodged the bullet yet again. Thanks to a generous donation and working with the electric company to arrange a payment schedule, a deal has been wrangled where the lights stay on for a little while longer. Now If I can just get around to having the doctors get out this kidney stone and removing this stent, the world will be a beautiful place again….

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