He’s got Legs…

And he barely can move ’em… (/ZZTop)

I’ve been back and forth from the hospital the past few weeks. Nothing serious, just trips to the wound care center to take care of sores on my leg (one of the joys of lymphedema. Cuts and scrapes on your legs won’t heal easy, because of all the fluid in your legs.) Just one of those things. Treatment involves wrapping my legs from ankle to knee in multiple layers of bandages….. Spending all my time either getting my legs unwrapped, re-wrapped, or lumbering around like a cross between a half-finished mummy and the michelin man. They’re healing up nicely, though. My biggest challenge of the day is finding a parking space close enough to the parking garage elevators.

I’ve been dropping off on the livestreams, am thinking of just restricting it to one or two times a week. A little bit of good is better than a whole lot of bad, after all. As always, trying to kick my own hind end into high gear, get more comics and art done….

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