Got to Keep the Lights Burning

I just received my electric bill by email. Yes, this winter has been brutal… they want $891.55 by March 10.

That’s right. $891.55

Due to this, Monday, 6 pm is going to be a special live broadcast on my Youtube channel— a Keep the Lights Burning Telethon. I’m gonna set the hat out, and run a non-stop livestream until I get enough pledges, donations and commissions to cover the electric bill. What will I be doing? Drawing, writing, talking, having a nervous breakdown, the usual… but I’ll try to have some new and exciting or at least vaguely different things going on as well. I will be taking little naps every few hours to keep from crashing and burning, but the stream WILL go on until the goal is reached.
Please tune in.

Either way, we’re gonna get a lot of drawing done.

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Got to Keep the Lights Burning — 2 Comments

  1. I hope that includes past due stuff, i.e., isn’t the per month bill – I live in Erie, PA with electric heat and hot water (apartment, not a house though), and my monthly bill’s only $180…

    Ron, wonders whether this comment will get deleted like the one questioning a plot hole in The Probability Bomb…

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