Are you a writer? Doing the Amazon, Smashwords, or other Indie publisher thing?


When people make their own book covers, this is what happens:

Yes, an actual cover
yes, again, this is real
This is not a substitute.
Neither is this.

I understand that indie publishers/private/vanity publishers are on a budget, and maybe they don’t think they have easy access to a quality or at least affordable cover artist. But they DO. I will do your cover art, FULL COLOR, for just $20. That’s right, $20. You can peruse my art at my website, or at my deviant art gallery. My work is under Creative Commons Attribution license.

That means you don’t have to worry about licensing or royalties or any of that other confusing, entrapping crap to use the cover art I design for you. You just pay me one time, put the cover on your book, and so long as I am credited as the artist, it’s yours to use forever. You can even modify it yourself, if you wish… again, so long as I am credited as the artist of the source material. When we are done you will have a book that will look sharper, more professional and that will visuall POP off the bookshelf or webpage.

If you wish to hire me? Contact me at

You’re the author, let me be the artist.

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