A Neglected Post

I was reminded, indirectly, of something that I have neglected here on the website for some time…

SO to all of you– the readers, the supporters, the donors; I want to take a moment and say thank you.

Thank you for following all these years. Thank you for reading the comics, despite my erratic updates and questionable writing and art, despite there being literally ten million competitors out there vying for your time and interest.

Thank you for your donations, whether they were large or small… I do not mention them by name because I wasn’t certain they would like such attention, especially as much as some of them gave. But even those who dropped as little as a buck in the hat are deeply appreciated– I would really rather have a thousand one-dollar readers, who I feel are getting their money’s worth, than one thousand dollar reader, whom I feel I can never sufficiently repay. And I’ve got one or two of those as well, I feel not so much grateful as over-awed by those acts of extravagant generosity.

Thank you to the people who bought commissions, and cameos, and books and DVDs… and I’m sure one or two of you even bought the cafepress merchandise, back when I had it. It made me feel almost like a legitimate creative artist. ;P

Thank you to the people who continue to read, in spite of disagreeing with me on many issues. And in spite of my own often abrasive and confrontational nature. :/ I apologize en masse for my own sins in that regard, and will try to start every now and then with a clean slate. I thank you especially for showing that my forums and chatrooms are not, as I often fear, an echo chamber for my own beliefs, and for keeping me from growing complacent in my own ability to argue and debate.

Thank you to my fellow Christians who continue to pray for me. Please keep it up, the work on this one is far from done. 🙂 Those of you of other faiths and sects, I thank you for your kind intentions, and I hope that, whatever conflict there is, that you have enough wisdom to recognize that a criticism against the religion you may follow is not automatically a criticism of you as a person. I more emphatically hope that my fumbling rhetoric might lead you to test the spirits, question the sect you belong to, and come to the truth in Jesus Christ of your own accord (a hope for which I will not apologize nor be ashamed.)

Thank you to those who send me words of encouragement from time to time. You have no idea how much a simple vote of confidence from you has bolstered me, or how often your encouragement has come at just the precise moment I needed it. I may never live up to what you believe is my true potential, but it all the same lent a spark of hope to my darker days.

Thank you to my family. I know some of you are reading…. I’m sorry I am not closer and more intimate with you all, but I have always been a private man and desire nothing more than to keep to myself and follow my own pace. That doesn’t in the least mean that I don’t love you all and that you aren’t in my prayers, and that I hope I am in yours. I’m sorry I cannot say more.

Thank you in particular to Daniel Meyer, whom without which this sight would probably not exist save as a garbled mess of disjointed HTML.

Thank you to God Almighty, and Jesus Christ my Savior, for letting a silly fool fumble along like this for so long.

To my friends, family, and fans: thank you.

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A Neglected Post — 6 Comments

  1. And thank you for making all these comics.

    Seriously, your humor is great and I like the worlds you build in some of your comics, especially Tales of the Questor. I thought it was kinda cool the way you handled magic (lux) in your ‘verse because I actually had a similar idea for an RPG world of mine before I found your comic.

  2. It feels a bit awkward replying to such a poignant post, but if you don’t mind I’d like to say that I actually love TotQ, and it’s been a huge inspiration for me as a writer, especially seeing it work in Christian elements and doing it well. I’ve read a few of the other comics too, and even when its messages are the complete opposite of the way I feel, I still enjoy them and give consideration to every point they make. Keep at it, dude!

  3. I’ve been reading your comics from almost a decade ago now, back in 2005 I first found “Under The Lemon Tree”. You’ve since inspired me to do my own writing, have stuck with the comics and not compromised your integrity, both of which I admire.

    In other words, thanks for sticking with it, yes I’d like to see more faster (who wouldn’t) but I’m thankful for what you’ve given and hope to see more.

  4. Well, this is poignant. Thanks, man. I’ve been following TOTQ and QQSR for a while now (and *was* eagerly eating up Goblin Hollow, when it was still being updated), and I’d just like to say that, while I’m less than fond of some of the things you put into your comics (libertarianism, and the depiction of the totally-not-the-Catholic-Church in TOTQ) that doesn’t stop me from appreciating your work. So, er, thanks.

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