Social Quirks and Differences In TotQ

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Re: Social Quirks and Differences In TotQ

Postby Skydancer » Sat Nov 11, 2017 7:25 am

Dunno. I am mostly immune to seasickness, and that has a track record of being -susceptible to space-sickness. I was hoping to find out by now, dagnabbit! When I was a kidling, I figured I'd be able to retire to Luna City.
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Re: Social Quirks and Differences In TotQ

Postby Zarpaulus » Sat Nov 11, 2017 4:30 pm

Spambot wrote:
Skydancer wrote:
Brannick wrote:My flight instructor called me and a small sample of people he's trained 'Natural' pilots as I have a very sharp sense of where I am in three dimensional space. It is evidently tied with the sense of balance because full motion sims seem extraordinarily fake to me. My eyes say I'm moving and my inner is very adamant, No, you are NOT.

Ayup. And with my eyesight, my overrides are to trust the majority inputs, so proprioception + magnetics will override vision, so I know I'm not moving in a virtual map. Seriously can't navigate those virtual first-person-shooter maps because I'm not getting my primary inputs for navigation from the silly things.

Balance goes out the window in microgravity, so would you be able to reject the erroneous input from that?

Now I'm wondering how magnetoreception might work outside the Earth's magnetic field.

Could I get lost easily on the moon or Mars?
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Re: Social Quirks and Differences In TotQ

Postby Baron Wulfraed » Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:19 pm

Zarpaulus wrote:Could I get lost easily on the moon or Mars? ... f_the_Moon
As I understand that -- there is no "N"/"S" magnetic pole -- just a bunch of small localized magnetic regions which, if strong enough for you to sense, would have you feeling you were getting turned around as you just walked a straight line from one region to another.

Mars has no effective magnetic field -- ... -habitable sounds like a plot stolen from Highlander II (though H-II was supposed to be a shield compensating for the run-away ozone hole)
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