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Postby Wanderer » Tue Jan 02, 2018 8:01 am

Bitey wrote:
LDSman wrote:Since then it's basically sat there, a big old planet-sized white elephant. It's only recently been If it creates life, planet proves their claims, relics destroyed, can’t be prosecuted for it and they now have a valuable commidity in a terraformed planet.

It takes a lot more than causing soup to come to life to make a terraformed planet. This ain't the Genesis Device we're talking about. It's primordial lightning.

Not quite. It's an automated Scarlet Witch at the height of her pre-M-Day power levels, when she could make all the oxygen molecules "randomly" evacuate the space around a fire. Blackfoot's biggest problem is going to be "aiming" probability. Could it cause a bunch of random chemicals to develop into single-celled or even multi-celled life forms? Yep! It could also turn the whole mess into chocolate frosting, or rubber cement, or edible varnish. And even that's assuming it doesn't just rip a hole in spacetime and swallow its own tail like Ourobouros. As it is, he's trying to stack the deck by using the classic Urey-Miller setup on a planetary scale, in hopes of achieving his objective at a probability higher than "spontaneously disintegrate random object within range".
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