When a Man Must Pay the Rent…

There comes a time when a man must reflect on what he is particularly good at… what pleases the audience most,
generates the most interest… what he can do that is most marketable. (what in short can generate a quick, honest buck.)
I’ve come to a conclusion what my particular marketable skill is:
Cute girly pics.
Presenting: the Girls of Summer art dvd.
I’ve compiled a collection of my pinup art, some brand spanking new, some going all the way back to 2001… over
four dozen images, all available on DVD for 9.99 (+2.00 for shipping and handling.) Just click the paypal button
below the pic to order!

YES, I AM WORKING ON THE COMICS. This is just a quick side thing to try and generate some much needed short-term
cash flow. I may make it available later as a downloadable file, depending. The disks will be shipping out about the
first week of June.

UPDATE: The first batch of disks has finally shipped. Unfortunately, my CD-DVD burner has decided it doesn’t want
to play anymore, so I’ve got to monkey around with that while I hunt for another DVD burning solution. My embarrassed
apologies to everyone still waiting, I’ll get them finished ASAP.

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