Quentyn Quinn, Space Ranger–0139 — 2 Comments

  1. You’ve made an error AND contradicted yourself. Replicators in this universe can make things by FILES. Copy decay applies only to ANALOG copies.

    • True…partially. however, data files CAN be corrupted over time (cue long lamentations about DVDs, CDs, tape cassettes, floppies, 8-tracks, etc getting left on the dashboard of your car…even flash cards and thumb drives degrade over time.) Also, it’s a safety issue in the Questorverse because no matter how obviously dangerous or stupid doing something is there’s always some clever dingleberry who tries it. For example someone who tries to take a shortcut, uses his Wham-Co RepliMatic to crank out copies of itself… and gives each one to an idiot friend who does the same thing. Remember, for every stupid safety warning sticker on a product, there is at least one absolutely spectacular Darwin Award story.

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