100 Commission Marathon is Finished.

Well. Despite the fact I finally crashed out at the 40 hour mark, the commission marathon was a qualified success. By the end, about 20 commissions had been taken in and rendered– the 1/5th mark, so that’s fairly decent– and $2,440 in payments and donations* were collected. This will be going to pay the electric, internet, lot rent on the trailer, and to paying this year’s taxes, among other things.

Thank you one, thank you all, for your patronage and generosity.

Will I do this again? Maybe, probably, but not any time soon. I slept for 13 hours straight and I still feel raggedy. If I do try this again, next time I will be slightly better prepared– with a better “crash out couch,” some proper beverages and edibles at hand, vitamins and herbal teas to keep me perky and the like. Still, that’s probably something to plan for later in the year. Much later.

For now– back to writing and drawing and shtuff.

*plus 200 feet of PEX plumbing pipe. Don’t ask, it’s a long story.

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